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Check the compo winners clicking on the link in the navigation bar! Thanks everyone who entered and everyone who supported "the cause" by giving their votes and comments. See you next year!


Welcome to the SGC 2005 homepage. The SGC (Spectrum Games Compo) comes from an idea to promote the creation of new games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computers which originated in the World Of Spectrum forums.

Games will be accepted until the end of September, 2005. Then the games will be offered to be downloaded and tested until October 30th, 2005, when we'll open categorized polls (graphics, sound, playability, replay value, etcetera) to vote your favourite games.

In November 30th, upon the polls results, we'll announce the winners.


  • Entries should be submitted to our mail box ( before September 30th, 2005.

  • The game has to run in any Sinclair ZX Spectrum model, including official and unofficial clones, i.e. Timex 20XX, Scorpion or Pentagon among others.

  • There are three categories in this compo: BASIC games (compiled or uncompiled, using MC routines or not), cross-compiled games (created using Z88DK for example, with or without external libraries) and pure MC games (written in assembly or assembled by hand using native assemblers or cross-assemblers). The submitted games should go in each of those three categories. That leaves out, for example, games made with game makers such as Domark's 3D Construction Kit et al.

  • Games can be submitted in any common format readable by emulators. This includes tapes, microdrives or disk images and snapshots. Try to choose a fairly common format. Your game will be played and evaluated by the users, so try to make your game playable by most people, for example using Z80 or SNA for snapshots, TZX or TAP for tapes, MDR for microdrives, and DSK or TRD for disks, which are formats that can be read by most emulators.

  • Graphics and music have to be original. Ripped art will cause the entry to be disqualified.

  • Games have to be new and not published in the past, commercially or non-commercially. This compo is to encourage Speccy users to create brand new software.

  • Games may be made with a programming team or by a solo programmer.

And that's all! Just create the best game you can! Remember we are doing it to express our love to the Speccy and, why not, to have lots of fun!

Design (C) 2005 Na Than Assh Antti